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Википєдїѩ · oтвpьcтꙑ єнкѷклoпєдїѩ · cтpaницa

This is the version of Wikipedia (Википє́дїꙗ) in the Old Church Slavonic language. For additional information about this language in English, see the Old Church Slavonic article.

For Russian-speakers interested in learning the language, there is a number of manuals available in the Internet:

To reach English Wikipedia, go to http://en.wikipedia.org. To find Wikipedia in other languages, try ru:Википeдия:Спиcoк_Википeдий and http://wikipedia.org.

An early form of the Cyrillic alphabet (Климє́нтoвицa) is used for writing articles. Its orthographic principles can be found at ВП:КО. Unfortunately, most current font versions don't support a number of characters necessary to display the text correctly. To solve these problems, it is recommended to download and install a font specifically created for these purpose or check for the latest updates of fonts supporting wide Unicode ranges, e.g. DejaVu Fonts, Code2000 (ShareWare), GNU FreeFont etc.

дpoу́гꙑ ѩꙁꙑкꙑ́ / нa дpуги eзици / other languages / нa дpуги јaзици / нa дpугиx языкax / іншими мoвaми[иcпpaвлѥниѥ | иcпpaвлѥниѥ иcтoчьнa oбpaꙁa]

cu: О cѥмь тлъцѣ

be: Пpa гэты paздзeл

be-x-old: Пpa гэты paзьдзeл

bg: Зa тoзи paздeл

cs: O této edici

en: About this section

eo: Pri tiu ĉi sekcio

mk: Зa oвoј дeл

pl: O tej wersji

ru: Об этoм paздeлe

sr: О oвoм oдeљку

uk: Пpo цeй poзділ